The 12 Knits of Christmas 2019

How wonderful it is to be a Maker! To create something with your hands for those you love with well-worn tools, beautiful fibers and a bit of time; to sit with your thoughts and intentions while you create an object meant expressly to warm, to comfort, to delight another soul. A gift can be intensely personal–whatever you dream, you can make. And at the same time, while we all occasionally get carried away with grandiose plans, as many Makers will tell you, oftentimes simple is best. Whatever you decide to create, the only requirement is that your gift come from a place of authenticity.

Insert our celebrated 12 Knits of Christmas. Just as we’ve done for the past 12 years (!), we’ve created 12 beautiful patterns this season for the hands, home and heart. This year, we’re digging deep and revisiting foundation pieces, in a back-to-basics-with-a-twist kind of way. These are the building blocks of the the entire craft, updated to include a wide range of techniques you can add to your knitterly toolbox. The structures of these patterns are basic yet beautiful, detailed and excellent for beginners. They’re also patterns that offer options for variation, giving you the flexibility to use them again and again to create unique, new gifts that add flavor to your knit life. They’re coming your way in four distinct groupings–the first one is Color. The second is Home.

The thought behind our entire 12 Knits program is this: if you start now, you’ll have plenty of time to create meaningful gifts–while still rejoicing in the everyday. We’re rolling out these patterns gradually, as we always do, in the weeks and months leading up to the holiday season–part of the excitement is in the anticipation of what’s to come. The focus is on gifts that you can’t wait to give, whether it’s because they’re made with yarn you’ve never seen before (they are), they all require less than two weeks to complete (they do) or because they’re fresh takes on classic knitted gifts (they will be).

There’s more. (Of course.) We’ll be giving away some of our favorite things to some of our favorite knitters. (Yes, you!)

For each kit purchased, you’ll be entered into a separate drawing for one of three (3) $100 gift certificates to Wool & Honey, either in-house or online. (Ordering three of the same kit? That counts as three separate entries!)

Plus. The Grand Prize.

One lucky winner will have the opportunity to create their own custom colorway with Rachel Lundstrom of Six and Seven Fiber–and take home a sweater’s quantity on the base yarn of their choosing. The color will be named after the winner, and if it captures our hearts, we’ll have it on the shelves here as a Wool & Honey exclusive, too.

  1. Knit One: Pebble Wrap.

  2. Knit Two: Constant Companion Socks.

  3. Knit Three: Mirror Image Mitts.

  4. Knit Four: Bijou Basket.

  5. Knit Five: Little Cloud Pillow.

  6. Knit Six: A Golden Cup.

  7. Knit Seven: Tiny Puffs Blanket.

  8. Knit Eight: Points North Hat and Booties.

  9. Knit Nine: Glittering Gems Sweater.

  10. Knit Ten: Snow Day Cowl.

  11. Knit Eleven: Bubble Mitts.

  12. Knit Twelve: Cloudline Hat.