Trail’s End Cowl Pattern


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With its spikes and dips, the chevron motif mimics the peaks and valleys in trail hiking, as well as in Life. This simple two-row repeat is not unlike the rhythm of Life: one pattern row can be a little difficult, requiring a bit of focus, followed by a row of just knitting—a period of rest. And while the view at the end is always the ultimate goal, every outdoor enthusiast would agree that the journey—or in this case, the knitting process—is just as important. There are five colors in total and two rows per color—just enough to be interesting, yet soothing to knit. Once established, this cowl is a great take-anywhere project, something that you can knit when you’re with friends for dinner, in meetings or at a holiday gathering. The cowl is long enough to wrap multiple times around your neck, and there’s yardage provided in the kit to knit a deeper cowl with more stripes for maximum coziness.


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Alpine Colors

Highlands, Swiss Alps, Norwegian Winter, Icy Fjord


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