Lazy Daisy Mitts Pattern


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Year in, year out, one of my favorite gifts to knit is a pair of fingerless mitts. And one of my favorite fibers to knit with is buttery soft Merino wool. This pair of mitts is smaller than most, just grazing the wrist and falling a bit shy of the first knuckle, but they’re absolutely perfect for this transitional time of year. And they’re so small and lightweight, they can be worn inside on chilly mornings while reading, enjoying your first cuppa or even knitting. These mitts are quick, simple, warm and if you’re feeling up to it, embellished with a bit of basic, traditional embroidery–the whimsical Lazy Daisy stitch. Omit the embroidery altogether for a plain vanilla pair of mitts and extend the length in either direction if you’d rather have a more standard size–there’s plenty of yarn left over in the skein to make them larger.

Pattern is written to fit a medium woman’s hand and will be emailed in PDF form within 24 hours.

Interested in the Lazy Daisy Mitts Kit? Find it here.

While it’s not free, click HERE for a gorgeous PDF pattern and tutorial for a crewelwork sampler with every type of embroidery stitch imaginable. I made this from a kit several years ago, and while it might have been the most challenging piece of handwork I’ve ever done (I knew NOTHING about embroidery beforehand), it includes the most comprehensive tutorial on embroidery from Alicia Paulson I’ve ever seen. Her blog is absolutely darling and worth reading every single post.



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