Cranberry Cottage Tea Cozy Pattern


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Tea–one of life’s simple pleasures.  It seems to represent–just by the very nature of completing the ritual (heating the water, swirling the leaves in the cup, waiting until just the right moment to take the first sip)–peace and quiet.  Slowing down, if just for a few moments.  What better way to elongate those few moments than knitting a sweater for the teapot itself?  A tea cozy creates a wooly barrier between the warm pot and the cool air, giving you even more time to sit…and knit!  Ours features a foldover ribbed turtleneck (that leaves easy access to the lid) and a clever pocket (that’s sewn on later) to hold several teabags.

This pattern includes instructions for two sizes–to fit both a standard (6-8 cup) and large (8-12 cup) pot.  The larger version is pictured.

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