Marled Linen Facecloth Pattern


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One of the most luxurious daily rituals we can think of is to soak a washcloth with the hottest water you can stand, drape the entire cloth over your face and neck and steam, melting away the rigors of the day. Add the rich. silken lather of a handmade soap and it’s the next best thing to sneaking out to a high-end spa. Holding two strands of this linen-cotton blend yarn together creates a thick, pillowy texture that’s even more sublime. Light a candle, pour a cuppa, crack open a book and relax–and bring a spa-like ambiance right into the comfort of your own home.

Looking for solid colors, or want to try some sample stitching? Our Queen Bee Bath Set can be found HERE.

Interested in the Marled Linen Facecloth Kit? Find it HERE.

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Alpine Colors

Highlands, Swiss Alps, Norwegian Winter, Icy Fjord


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