Sleeping Bear Yarn Club Members Only Exclusive Offers

  1. Additional skeins of Suttons Bay Marina.
  2. Sodalite markers–set of five.
  3. Elves and Elms Socks.
  4. Garter Stitch Cowl.
  5. Quincy Quade Quentin Monster.

Looking for a larger project? Or just something different? Here are some ideas of what you can make with Suttons Bay Marina. Click on the links below to purchase directly from the designers on Ravelry.

  1. Tegna.
  2. Alameda.
  3. Ekollon.
  4. Brescul Sweater.
  5. Party Punch. (crochet!)
  6. Anuket.
  7. Building Block.
  8. Light Ampélie.
  9. Sockhead Slouch.
  10. Este.