Sleeping Bear Yarn Club Members Only Exclusive Offers

  1. Additional skeins of Orchard’s Golden Hour.
  2. Pink coral stitch markers–set of five.
  3. Cozy Sweater.
  4. Erell Socks.
  5. The Magic Hour.

Not sure what to knit with your Sleeping Bear Yarn Club yarn? Try any of these patterns, all of which can be purchased directly from the designers on Ravelry by clicking on the pattern names below:

  1. Bellecour.
  2. Bibliophile.
  3. Waning Lace.
  4. Theodora.
  5. Cardigan La Perlée.
  6. Gabrielle’s Snood.
  7. Marianne Socks.
  8. Iris Hat.
  9. The Grocery Girls Socks.
  10. Railings.