Cider Mill Mitts Pattern


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These mitts were designed with the hard working man (or men!) in your life–the guys that are always doing something with their hands, whether it’s lawn care, tinkering in the garage or fishing/hiking/camping in the great outdoors.  We wanted to create a pattern that incorporates all the things we know men appreciate.  They’ve got a little bit of pattern for visual interest, but not much.  (Because we know he wouldn’t want anything “too decorative”.)  They’re well-fitting, but not too slouchy.  (Because he actually needs to use his fingers, not struggle with keeping the mitts on.)  And they’re handknit, but not too nice that they can’t be really worn.  (Because he’ll likely wear them for lots of chores, we’ve picked a yarn that can be machine washed.)  As the temperature begins to dip over the next few weeks, these mitts might be just the thing your guy needs as he’s raking the leaves, or taking his daughter out for cider and doughnuts at the local apple orchard on Sunday afternoons.  And psst: those aren’t real cables, which means even simpler knitting for you!

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