Sugar Plum Cowl Pattern


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We had our first real brush with winter this past week (enough snow to require shoveling driveways and closing schools!), and of course, it had us all reaching for our knitwear. One of my favorite gifts to knit–and the handknit I reach for again and again–is the ubiquitous cowl. The older I get, the more sensitive I am to the cold temperatures, especially that patch of skin between where my winter coat ends and my chin begins. A cowl is the perfect solution to block out drafts and is a gift that meets all the knitter’s sensibilities. Without requiring tons of yardage, nor taking too much time to knit, nor needing to fit anyone in particular, the cowl is on point–practical yet fashionable, trendy yet classic. This version features a gorgeous, soft blend of Merino wool and alpaca, with just enough silk to make it feel incredibly luxurious, too. It’s knit back and forth with simple decreasing, increasing and slipped stitches to give a slight ruching effect and you employ a provisional cast-on and the Kitchener stitch to create a seamless piece that feels heavenly next to your skin.

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  1. Jan Miller

    Thank you, Liz and Melissa for this pattern. i look forward to knitting it.

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