Harvest Basket Pattern


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Let us set the scene for you….

You have yarn tucked into every square inch of your house. Under the bed, in your closet, in your husband’s closet, in that beautiful cupboard in the dining room you bought an estate sale just for your stash, in the garage freezer (don’t ask!)….let’s just say you’ve got yarn and you’ve got a lot of it. And sometimes displaying your newest collection of hand-painted sock yarn “artfully” in a basket isn’t what everyone else in your family had in mind when they said the house needed more art.

Here’s where the knitted basket comes in to play. Not only is it beautiful (do you see how each stitch of the variegated yarn looks almost like a little painting?), but it’s functional. Knitted baskets work wonderfully as project bags on the coffee table, a catch-all for the front entry way, a bowl for washcloths in the bathroom. We thought that the burnished copper look of this particular colorway, Tobacos, reminds us of Indian corn, which would show off perfectly a stack of linen napkins on your Thanksgiving table.

Pattern will be emailed in PDF form within 24 hours.

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