The Ravellenic Winter Games 2018

When: Friday, February 9th through Sunday, February 25th, 2018.

What: To challenge yourself by starting and finishing one (or more!) projects during the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Who: You…and us!

Where: The comfort of your own home. (If you’d like some team support, we’d love to have you join us during our Open Knitting circles–Thursday evenings from 5-7:30 pm and Saturday mornings from 9 am-12 noon.)

Why: Because in the middle of winter, a little motivation never hurt anyone!

What will be a stretch for you? It could be a new technique, that first sweater or pair of socks, something massive, something delicate, or maybe finishing that monster in the closet. The goal of the Ravellenic Games is to support you in expanding your knitting and crocheting horizons.

For any knitter up for a challenge, we invite you to join Team Buzz, a hive full of happy knitters ready to push themselves to the next level. We’ve chosen six wintry projects that we think span a range of interests and ability levels. We’ve got six kits for sale–all with multiple color options–and we’re almost certain you’ll find something you like. Don’t live close enough to knit alongside your teammates? Purchase one of these kits between now and the start of the Opening Ceremonies on February 9th and we’ll ship Priority Mail straight to your door–and it’ll be like we’re right next to you on the couch, holding our breath during that triple axel. Tag us in your photos, plus use the hashtag #woolandhoney on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry so we can keep tabs on your progress, too–we LOVE seeing your projects!

The Prizes:

  • Every knitter who finishes their project by the end of the Closing Ceremonies on February 25th will receive an enamel pin–a medal of Greatness.
  • Among these finishers, we will choose three (3) additional winners:
      • The Fastest Finisher
      • The Biggest Personal Challenge (i.e. a beginning knitter who attempts their first pair of cabled mittens)
      • Overall Impressive Skill

The Fastest Finisher will receive an ‘All These Wonders’ Mini Gradient Set from Six and Seven Fiber, the Biggest Personal Challenge will receive a Driftwood Interchangeable Needle Set and Overall Impressive Skill will receive a Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag (in the winners color choice).

The Projects:

For the Beginning Cableist–the Aoibhinn Mitten Kit.

For the First-Time Fair Isler–the Lineate Hat Kit.

For the Intrepid Sock Knitter–the Beachgrass Socks Kit.

For the Brave Briocher–the Warm-Up Hat Kit.

For the Ultimate in Sweater Knitting–the Azimuth Sweater Kit.

And for those who want BOTH a Sweater Challenge AND a Plain Vanilla Knit So I Can Just Watch the Dang Olympics Already–the Millie Sweater Kit.

Find all the Ravellenics Projects HERE.

The fine print: To qualify for the prizes, you must send us a photo of your cast on, with some reference to the time in the photo (a phone, a clock, the Olympic opening ceremony on in the background) and your bind off in the same fashion (with a reference to time). Please email these photos to And although we’re fairly certain you knew this already: in order to qualify for any of the prizes, you must purchase one of these kits from Wool & Honey in 2018. 

The Ravellenic Games were coined in 2010 by Casey and Jess Forbes, the genius creators behind Ravelry, in an effort to put together a winter knit-a-long of colossal proportion. You can find the official Ravelry group HERE.