Honeycomb Toque Kit


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The humble honeybee: ancient species, relentless laborer, modern miracle. The bee is such a fascinating creature; every day, these tiny workers gather pollen — powdery bits of fluff — and with a little time and effort, transform it into gorgeous, golden nectar. How similar we knitters are to the bee! Taking nothing more that two sticks and a string, we create warmth and comfort, fabric to clothe and decorate our bodies.

In traditional Aran design, the honeycomb signifies hard work and its rewards. Representing a symbol of plenty, it can also be used to wish the wearer good luck. Deceptively simple to knit, this slightly slouchy hat, with its stacked honeycomb panel on one side, is our homage to the honeybee. We like to think of it as a crown for a modern queen bee.

This hat will fit an average adult.

This kit includes one skein of worsted weight wool and one easy-to-read pattern. Please note your color choice–colors 1 through 19–in the ‘Notes to Seller’ section at checkout. (We knit our sample in Color 1.)

Interested in just the pattern? Find it HERE.

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