Wood Opalite Stitch Marker Set


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These markers are a pre-order and will ship with the December 2018 club packages.

These stitch markers are exclusive to our Sleeping Bear Yarn Club and available only to current members. Not yet a member? Click HERE to sign up.

Set of five markers. 

Secret Cabin Getaway

Secret Cabin Getaway–December 2018 selection


Precious Opal which has become fossilized over time by partially replacing the organic portions of tree, plant or animal remains; these formations have been found in dinosaur bones, marine creatures, in bogs, as limb casts, or within wood structures, at times still forming the trees’ original growth rings. These talismans of Wood energy attune to the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health, and are ideal for providing the impetus to action needed to progress one toward one’s destiny. Nature Opals are stones of grounding and strength, and lead one in the search for serenity which is inherent in all life. They are ideal for removing trifling annoyances by spurring the actions needed to eliminate the situation, and assist one in dissolving worry over things of little importance, teaching one to “change what you can, and worry not about the rest.”



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