The Plucky Knitter Worsted Weight Pattern Inspirations


We find that when you come to a trunk show with some ideas before you walk in the door (a hat for your sister, a cardigan for yourself, a shawl for your daughter’s wedding in the fall), you’re much more likely to make smart purchases. When you have specific patterns in mind, it’s even easier to decide what to buy–the only decision is which colors to choose.

We’ve picked 20 of our favorites (at the moment!) for worsted weight below. We encourage you to spend a bit of time over the next two weeks studying these patterns–as well as searching for others, of course! Click on the links below and you’ll visit each pattern’s Ravelry page, where you can read descriptions, determine exact yardage amounts and plan your ideal color schemes. We won’t have the time during the trunk show to purchase/print these patterns for you in-house–please feel free to purchase them now directly from the designers.

Sarah will be bringing a variety of yarn bases with her on Saturday, May 28th–while we don’t know exactly what’s coming, here are some of the Worsted Weight bases we requested specifically for our trunk show that would work well with any of these patterns.

Bello Worsted
55% Merino, 45% Cashmere
200 yds–100 g

100% cashmere
180 yds–100 g

Primo Worsted
75% extra fine Italian Merino superwash, 20% cashmere, 5% nylon
200 yds–100 g

100% superwash wool
165 yds–100 g

75% Merino,25% cashmere
250 yds–100 g

100% Merino
250 yds–100 g

Check out our pattern inspirations for Fingering Weight HERE.


1. Baby & Child Sophisticate by Linden Down–235-755 yds.

2. Conversationalist Hat by The Plucky Knitter–230 yds.

3. Rye Socks by Tin Can Knits–150-350 yds.

4. Big Old Coat Sweater by Joji Locatelli–1450-220 yds.

5. Harvest Time Scarf by Amy Miller–800-1075 yds.

6. Frostline Shawl by Amy Miller–895 yds total (35 CC 1 + 60 CC 2 + 105 CC 3 + 130 CC 4 + 180 CC 5 + 200 CC 6 + 95 CC 7 + 90 CC 8)

7. Driftwood Pullover by Isabell Kraemer–1080-1500 yds.

8. Foxglove Vest by Purl Soho–525-860 yds.

9. Mielie Vest by Hilary Smith Callis–665-1425 yds.

10. Maritime Sweater by Amy Miller–1525-2650 yds.

11. Brioche Cowl & Hat by Purl Soho–650-800 yds.

12. Lodgepole Hat by Sara Gresbach–115-150 yds MC + 60-80 yds CC.

13. Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho–60-160 yds.

14. The Knitter’s Dude by Andrea Rangel–960-1788 yds MC + 130-242 yds CC 1 + 151-281 yds CC 2.

15. Gone Glamping Hat by The Plucky Knitter–175 yds.

16. Sweatshirt Sweater by Purl Soho–1000-1500 yds.

17. Elwood Sweater by Jenny Wiebe–205-680 yds MC + 130-370 yds CC.

18. Dark and Stormy Cardigan by Thea Colman1100-2100 yds.

19. Moonlight Garden Shawl by Melody Hoffmann–960 yds.

20. Traveling Cable Hat by Purl Soho–109-218 yds.



MC = main color

CC = contrast color


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