Spruce Brooklyn Tweed Arbor


$14.50 $14.50

100% American Targhee wool
145 yds–5o g
5.25 sts per inch US 5 (3.75 mm)
7 sts per inch US 7 (4.5 mm)
DK weight

Purebred Targhee sheep from Montana and South Dakota lend Brooklyn Tweed Arbor their distinctive fleece, a finewool with the softness of merino enhanced by longwool genetics for added durability. Jagger Brothers, an historic mill in southern Maine, spins the fiber into a round and springy 3-ply that loves to cable and shows textural stitchwork to maximum advantage.

Thanks to its worsted construction, Arbor produces a denser, sturdier fabric than BT’s woolen-spun yarns. The fibers have been combed straight and carefully aligned before spinning, rather than jumbled to trap air. Garments knit from Arbor will weigh more and drape more heavily than those knit from Loft or Shelter.


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