Scholarly Stripes Pattern


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It can be hard to knit for men. Really hard. They love to support your knitting endeavors, but they want to look manly doing it. They want something rugged, but not scratchy. Simple, but not elementary. Handmade, but not homemade. And sometimes, even after we’ve done the research, involved them in every stage of the project, tested, swatched, blocked, scrutinized, ripped, re-knit….the finished piece doesn’t end up seeing the light of day. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we think we might have come up with a near-perfect project for the problem that ails knitters everywhere. Insert the striped scarf. Ours is knit with the luxurious (but simultaneously rugged!) Fibre Company Acadia, a gorgeous blend of silk, Merino wool and alpaca, but with enough visual interest (the tweedy bits) to keep from feeling feminine. And here’s what makes this scarf different: it’s two-sided, which makes it both completely reversible and doubly warm. Scholarly stripes? There’s just something about a striped scarf that reminds us of freshly sharpened pencils, football games and late night study sessions at the quad.

Pattern will be emailed in PDF form within 24 hours.

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