Leland Blue Stitch Marker Set


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Set of five markers.

Who says jewelry is just for wearing?  What about jewelry for your knitting?  Every single pair is as unique and varied as the stones themselves; our Leland Blue stitch markers are quite possibly the prettiest things we’ve ever seen. Ultra local, there is a very limited supply of these stones!

Created roughly 130 years ago, Leland Bluestone isn’t really a stone at all. It is a by-product, or “slag” created by the process of smelting iron ore. In the late 19th century, the ore was carried from Escanaba, (in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula) to Leland (in the Lower Peninsula), on schooners and steam ships. The evergreens of the Upper Peninsula could not burn hot enough for the smelting process, so the iron ore was unloaded in Leland where the required temperature was reached with hard wood charcoal. The resulting slag was skimmed off and deposited on Leland’s beach and nearby marina. You can find colors such as denim blue, turquoise, Robin’s egg blue, forest green, sage green and greyish purple.

Please know that with all natural stones, there is quite a bit of variance from one batch of stones to another. You can expect a full range of blue tones in the set you receive–from a whitish, light blue to deep purply blue and every shade in between.


  1. Sandra Sovereign (verified owner)

    This is the second set of Leland Blue stitch matkers I have purchased. They are beautifully made and have quickly become my favorite markers.
    Dealing with the Wool and Honey crew is always a pleasure.

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