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All natural. Unrefined. Organic. In selecting high quality and whole ingredients, Keats provides your skin with essential nutrients that revitalize function, restore balance, and encourage resilience. Produced by hand and in small-batches, our products retain a vibrancy and potency that serve the body well.

Their goods are created for body + spirit. In particular, for their favorite kind of human beings: those who have stories, journeys, and feats large and small that define (and redefine) the true meaning of beauty.

Each bar of soap is beautifully packaged with a sweet drawing–a work of art in itself.

4.5 oz. each.


Gumption + Grace: Sweet, earthy Lemongrass promotes tranquility while spicy, woody Ginger warms and revitalizes the skin. A synergistic blend that lends balancing and restorative properties.

Hope + Harmony: Spirited, refreshing Lime and earthy Cedarwood unite in a cheerful, comforting blend. Combined with vitamin-rich Wheat Germ for mild exfoliation.

Mystic + Muse: Spicy, warming Cinnamon awakens the senses while citrusy Sweet Orange uplifts and inspires. Blended with mineral-rich Black Walnut Powder for a replenishing cleanse.

Peace + Poise: Fresh, floral Lavender calms the mind and the most sensitive of skin types while sweet Ylang Ylang deepens relaxation. An extra mild cleansing bar blended with soothing Aloe Vera.

Truth + Triumph: Bright, bold peppermint invigorates the mind while it cools, soothes and refreshes the skin. Blended with detoxifying Bamboo Charcoal for a purifying cleanse.

Wit + Wonder: Fresh, herbaceous Rosemary delivers stimulating, rejuvenating and toning properties. Combined with nourishing French Green Clay to gently clarify and refine the skin.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide**, Sunflower Oil*, Shea Butter*, Essential Oils.

 * Certified organic
** None remains in finished soap

Keats handcrafted soaps come to us from the lovely Samantha in Ohio. Photos courtesy of Keats.


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Gumption + Grace, Hope + Harmony, Mystic + Muse, Peace + Poise, Truth + Triumph, Wit + Wonder


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