Fiber Garage Sale + Maker’s Market



Saturday, May 5th
9 am to 4 pm

Introducing our third annual Fiber Arts Garage Sale in Cedar! When you’ve had a shop for 18 years, you’re bound to accumulate things (patterns, buttons and yarns) that just don’t quite fit in your collection anymore. And based on our conversations with our customers over the years, we’ve deduced that we’re not the only fiberistas that have this problem. (Ahem.) Are there yarns in your stash you’ve outgrown? Patterns you don’t think you’ll knit? Duplicate sets of needles? Have the people you live with threatened to stop the flow of yarn into your home based on the size of the stash that’s already there? (Kidding. Sort of.)

We’re turning last year’s garage sale into a full-scale community fiber garage sale. Wool & Honey will have a table on May 5th, but you also have the chance to have your own booth for a day. Set your own prices on anything fiber-related that you’d like to sell–you’re the boss. And even though we’re calling it a Fiber Garage Sale, we know that there are lots of other makers that might want to participate, too–selling handmade goods at fair-market value–our own Maker’s Market. Do you have a closet full of shawls that are gorgeous, but you just don’t feel comfortable giving them away? Do you hand-dye yarn in your kitchen sink? Are you a weaver? We’d love to have you.

Q. What qualifies for a booth?

A. Just about anything!

-knitting needles
-industry magazines (back issues of Vogue, Interweave Knits, Spin-Off, Handwoven, etc.)
-industry pattern and instructional books
-yarn–full and partial skeins
-sewing machines
-weaving equipment
-spinning wheels
-finished goods
-fiber for spinning
-wool pieces for felt projects
and MORE!

Each vendor will be responsible for manning their own booth and everything it entails. You will need to set up, provide your own props, decide and manage which form of tender you’ll take (whether it’s cash, checks, Square, Paypal–you can do any and all of these things) and tear down at the end of the afternoon.

Wool & Honey will NOT be taking commissions at the event–whatever you sell, you earn. We will be charging a nominal fee of $15 dollars per 8′ x 10′ booth; we will be orchestrating the spaces, communicating with local businesses and using all of our advertising outlets to promote this day-long event. You’re welcome to share a booth with your friends or take up multiple spaces on your own.

Questions? Call the shop at (231) 228-2800.


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