Evergreen Shrug Pattern


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It’s no secret that sweater weather is our favorite weather–hot drinks, cozy socks, wooly wool all make us happy to spend more time inside as the days get a little shorter. However, many of our customers don’t get to experience the full change of seasons that we do here in Northern Michigan; for those of you in Florida, California and Arizona, a shrug is the closest thing you’ll get to wearing a wool sweater and even so, only on the coldest February nights.

Liz knit this one-size-fits-all piece in YOTH Yarns Best Friend, a new yarn that’s 75/25 cotton and wool, and 100% grown, spun and dyed in the USA. It’s loose, it’s light, it’s airy–and best of all, it’s simple to knit. It’s perfect for when you need a bit of protection against a cool evening chill on the patio, the blast of AC in the office or, when you’re in Northern Michigan, wear it in the winter over a long-sleeved tissue tee. Get started now and you’ll have a piece to wear with a summer dress–may we suggest Natural Vanilla for a casual bridal shrug?

This shrug 26″ deep across the back, with a 42″ wingspan and requires 1100 yds of fingering weight yarn.

Interested in the Evergreen Shrug Kit? Find it HERE.

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