By Hand Magazine, Issue No. 3 Nashville

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By Hand is a community-centered publication for knitters and makers, published three times annually.

In this day and age, many of us are searching for community–a sense of belonging, a feeling of unity, a desire to share our passions with others. As a sense of community becomes ever more elusive, we look for ways to build our own. A community of makers–those who find joy in creating with their hands, minds, and hearts–gives us a chance to share and celebrate our ideas and passions. Today, there are clusters of creativity – locations around the country that have developed their own unique “maker communities,” where people who love to make, love to learn to make, and love to support makers have found a common sense of purpose. Each of these geographic “clusters” has its own unique characteristics, and those characteristics influence the artists who live and work there.

Our third issue explores the juxtaposition between southern tradition and creative ingenuity in the makers’ community of Nashville. Many of the makers we interview are pursuing new ways to pursue hand making that has deep roots in the city. Meet a bookbinder who uses fabric, handmade paper, and leather in her hand stitched creations; a bespoke maker of cowboy boots who carries on traditional methods of making more than a century old; and a musician who has created rugged yet stylish made-by-hand leather satchels and duffels that epitomize new approaches to the tradition of leathercrafting. We find fiber and fabric here, too, including an expansive and welcoming local yarn store, a crafters’ paradise chock-full with anything you would ever need for hand making endeavors, and yarn dyers who are committed to natural dyes and sustainable processes. Take a photographic journey to a local alpaca farm and enjoy both the natural and man-made beauty of this booming southern town. As always, this Lookbook includes exclusive projects for knitting, sewing, and cooking. Welcome!

Craft South and Anna Maria Horner
Hunker Bag Co
Haus of Yarn
Camellia Fiber Company
Music City Leather
Linen Laid Felt
Fiber Farm
Fringe Association and Karen Templer
Reunion Yarn
Hannah Thiessen
Mason-Dixon Knitting
Nutmeg Yarn

By Hand Magazine comes to us from editor Andrea Hungerford of Portland, OR.

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