The 12 Knits of Christmas 2017

One of the greatest gifts we have as knitters is to spend a little time every day with our tools, our minds, our hands, some quiet and make. Making a tiny sweater for the first grandchild that’s growing inside your daughter’s belly. Making a pair of mittens to keep your best friend’s hands warm out on the cross-country ski trail. Making a sweater for the guy who finally gave you that ring.

It doesn’t have to be big. Or complicated. Or expensive. (We’ve found that a simple garter stitch dish cloth and a handmade soap tied with a ribbon makes a wonderful wedding/housewarming/thank-you-for-being-my-dogsitter gift, time after time after time.)

What a gift should be, however, is heart felt. Which is why we’re starting now with our celebrated 12 Knits of Christmas (in its tenth year, if you can believe it!) We’ve written 12 patterns for the hands, home and heart that, if you start now, will give you plenty of time to create meaningful gifts while rejoicing in the everyday. We’re rolling out these patterns, as we always do, in the weeks and months leading up to the holiday season–part of the excitement is in the anticipation of what’s to come.

The focus is on gifts that you’ll be ecstatic to give, whether it’s because they’re made with yarn you’ve never seen before (they are), they all require less than two weeks to complete (they do) or because they’re fresh takes on classic knitted gifts (they will be).

There’s more. (Of course.) We’ll be giving away some mighty fine prizes to some mighty fine knitters.

1.) Each ambitious customer who purchases ALL 12 kits will be entered into a drawing to win a ‘Find Your Fade’ Kit—we’ll pick out the colors with you! (A $225 value!)

2.) For each kit purchased, you’ll be entered into a separate drawing for one of three $100 gift certificates to Wool & Honey, either in-house or online. (Ordering three of the same kit? That counts as three separate entries!)


  1. Knit One: Shoreline Tapestry.

  2. Knit Two: Lakeside Lace Kerchief. 

  3. Knit Three: Clara’s Slippers.

  4. Knit Four: Ziggy Baby Blanket.

  5. Knit Five: Evergreen Shrug.

  6. Knit Six: Honeycomb Toque.

  7. Knit Seven: Candy Striped Hat and Mitts.

  8. Knit Eight: Little Cabin Mug Cozy.

  9. Knit Nine: The Woodcutter’s Cowl.

  10. Knit Ten: Heritage Ornaments.

  11. Knit Eleven: A Very Merry Bunting.

  12. Knit Twelve: Nature’s Rainbow Scarf.