Quill Hat Kit


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A note from the designer, Michigan knitter + our friend, Andrea Mowry…

“The original “right side” of Quill shows careful, possibly timid steps, back and forth towards the crown. When I was done, and turned it “wrong side” out to weave in the last end, I noticed that the arrows took on a new depth, charging forward and back in a determined gait.” This reversible, textured hat is my new everyday go to hat. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Each kit comes with 1 skein of  worsted weight wool and an easy-to-read pattern. Indicate your preferred color choice at checkout.

Please indicate your Ravelry user name in the ‘Notes to Seller’ section at checkout; a PDF of the pattern will be sent to your library. The Quill pattern comes to us by way of Andrea Mowry of Michigan.

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Quill Hat Kit

Shale 01, Shale 02, Shale 03, Ozark 01, Ozark 02, Ozark 03, Osage 01, Osage 02, Osage 03, Alfalfa 01, Alfalfa 02, Alfalfa 03, Tobacco 01, Tobacco 02, Tobacco 03


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