Extra Curricular Magazine, Issue 16–The Ritual + Ceremony Issue



Making is a bi-annual themed publication for creative folk.

In the Ritual & Ceremony issue, we hear the stories behind some treasured hand-me-downs and go inside a historic bed and breakfast. We learn to slow right down with Gretchen Carroll and Joanna Davies. We speak to artists and artisans who take pleasure in the ritual of creating and discover that to perfect your craft, you have to be in it for the long haul. The cover art is by Julia Trybala.


Extra Curricular is about folks who get creative with their spare time. Published out of Auckland, New Zealand twice yearly by Ellie Smith and a small team of dedicated contributors passionate about making and doing, Extra Curricular features up-and-coming creatives from both sides of the Tasman who care about the world and what they are putting out into it.

High production values and beautiful paper stock – combined with a curiosity about the processes and spaces of creative people – make for a compact package that feels nice in your hands.

Created in 2009, and now a few thousand copies down the track, each one is still hand-numbered.

Wool & Honey is the sole U.S. stockist of this brilliant magazine for makers.


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